Jul 31, 2007

Spice Girls, is Back !!

Damn !!
Along long time ago, I've been the freaky fans of Spice Girls. Anykind of merchandise, such as giant poster, pin-up, all magazine include of Spice Girls,
Cassete, CD's and my own file collection. Just feeling that someday, they will reunion, and became great girlsband ever again. And my old CD and casette will playback again :)

When I get info that, The Spice Girls have released a new promo to hype up their world tour. What an awful Photoshop job!!! But the girls look great! Geri, Mel C, Mel B, Victoria and Emma added four new shows to their tour Vancouver, Canada on December 2nd and San Jose on the 4th and then Beijing and Shanghai on January 8 and 10. A message on their official website says: “we’ve had over 3 Million ticket requests… that is MAJOR!” The 14-city tour will start in Canada on December 2 and ends on January 24, 2008 in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.

What a wonderfull world than they're back together ?? Great job ever...

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