Apr 30, 2010

Lanvin story,,,,

I'ts okay,,
Im not a Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in The City, who addicted and "Shoe-Orgasm" with a thousand collection of Manolo Blahnik or Bottega Vaneta or Jimmy Choo shoes...

But please, remind what she said
" Hey you walk on your feet right? So, the spirit will get in from what you wear on deeeeeep down inside"

Haha She's so damn Right..using the new one, made u are so alive !! Trust me.
Maybe u feel better, feel confident and feel so powerfull maybe. And now, face the impossible and make it turn into hope. My passion burn alive, but drown as wasted dream....

And "this" Lanvin edition .....my dreams on you :)
It was really something I had wished you'd keep right inside your cominggggg....

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