May 1, 2010

Spring Idea

Yeah, I’ve found This Spring's Must-Have Accessories from GQ Picks. They showing so many, but some option so impress me much… :)) Here We Go !!

1. The Straw Fedora
Dressing seasonally applies to your headwear, too. That means going with a straw—not felt—fedora come spring and summer. The coolest version right now is known as "stingy," in reference to its super-narrow brim. I love this hat from H&M $7.95 but I found the looks a like at Tunjungan Plaza 1 near the Pizza Hut, about IDR 200.000.

2. Plastic Aviators
Wire-framed aviators have been a stone-cold classic for decades—now they've gotten a timely update. This new riff co-opts the chunky plastic cool of Wayfarers and applies it to the timeless fighter pilot's silhouette. My option for Blinde Eyewear but its damn $285.

3. New-Wave Boat Shoes
Nothing wrong with traditional brown boat shoes, but with everyone from Sperry to Gucci doing creative new riffs, why not go for something more up to date than the ones JFK sported? Try a streamlined new silhouette or a splashy color instead. I like Sperry Top-Sider $88. Trying to found the fake one :p

4. Brightly Colored Faces
Even if all the dudes at your office have thrown a chunk of cash at an impressive watch, they probably don't have one quite like this. A red, blue, or green face will add a shot of badass-itude to your otherwise conservative business look. I like this Paul Smith $715

5. A Brighter Striped Tie
It's time to take the striped tie—the preppy staple that never goes out of style—to another dimension by adding a couple of doses of bold color. Yes, you can wear these ties at work, where they'll make even a well-worn suit look vibrant and new. AND how much I Love LANVIN $165.

DAMN !! for looking ass-good-fucking-ass-cool-guy, it need $1,260 ... I've to find sponsors NOW !! :)


Fenty Fahmi said...

ih Jason Mraz banget, hehehe ... Jason Mraz butuh budget segitu ya buat punya tampang oke ? no wonder xD

rendra said...

Hahahahaha FENTY :)

Apa kabar,? aku merindukan pertengkaran denganmu di dunia PLURK