May 21, 2010

Alex Hansel Simanjuntak

Guys, now days I've a little tags "WHO" for "someone you should know"
It is just the way how I excited with their creature, professionalism, capability, and another expression that show me THEY ARE TALENTED and we should be like them !!
Reach out the dreams, with your own way...

My First post today,
I just read a magazine named " Jakarta Java Kini", at the office. And the first thing I always read the writings of the editor in chief. I think if the Editor are able to show something new, unique, and interesting, I'm sure the contents of the magazine will be the same as such.

I see one name and bcame curious ..who is he?

Alex Hansel Simanjuntak

He may have recently graduated from Monash University, but rising star Alex Hansel Simanjuntak is already making his mark in the glamorous and highly competitive Indonesian media scene. Alex was aged in his early twenties and had just completed his Bachelor of Communication degree when he was appointed Editor in Chief of an entertainment, culture and lifestyle magazine, Jakarta Java Kini, in 2007.
Alex is in charge of a team of 50 writers, designers and photographers, many of them older and with many more years experience than he, but it's a job and a lifestyle he loves. Alex credits his rapid rise through the media ranks to his degree from Monash University. In early 2009 Alex was awarded the Outstanding Young Australian Alumni Award in the second annual Australian Alumni Awards.

JAKARTA JAVA KINI is Indonesia's leading travel, entertainment and lifestyle magazine providing excellent monthly articles on Wining and Dining in Jakarta, food, sport including golf, rugby, soccer, F1 and many more, sightseeing, culture and heritage. Monthly guide to the best tourism places across Java, best hotels, best nightlife and best dining. It is a complete travel guide to the capital city and to the island of Java as well as providing excellent book, film & music reviews.
JAKARTA JAVA KINI provides superb listings for Jakarta restaurants, bars and cafes, hotels, golf courses, attractions and many more, and is trusted by its readers. Every month there are regular articles on West Java, Banten, East Java, Yogyakarta & Central Java as well as other Indonesian & international destinations.

Well, he's one of best young generation right ?

pic: courtesy of Monash University


Alex said...

Thanks, mate! Real nice to see this unexpectedly!


mdgila said...

Dear Alex, you're welcome

haha wanna publish more than this but I've no official source :)

Meili Mahardhika said...

Dear Alex,

you inspiring me to study at Monash University..
How to get scholarship there?

Thank you