Oct 26, 2011

Purple Wolf

Purple Wolf

Types of people tend to be pretentious in attitudes and clothes.
Because, you act very bald wherever you are, and your behavior is rather inconsiderate, people at first, think you are difficult to get on with. But you are really a very honest man, and once understood, you are liked by many people.

Although you seem to be idealistic, you have sociality as well.

You work hard and persistently to your goal.
You put priority on experience when making decision, and will put that into action.
You are good matured man.
You may be taken advantage of, and inflict loss.

Sometimes you turn to drinks to get away from that stress.
You dislike common things, and will insist your own ways of thinking.
You can provide an impetus to ordinary every day.
Good fortunes, naturally comes to your side.
Even if you don't put in great effort, you can be successful by the works and help of the others around you. You are also born lucky financially and materially.

You are weak on making quick decisions.
Although you are not good at work that requires quick decision making, you have a sense of planning.
If you have someone who can put your plan into action, you will be successful.

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