Dec 22, 2011

Chocolate by Marks & Spencer

Okay, sorry for my moron-moment, after the store just opened in my office
while i just know it, Marks & Spencer having a good quality product for Chocolate.

Whattt ???
well seriously I just outta know bout it :))

I love this bar looks exactly like the Mars original. Inside the rather dreary plastic wrapper are two biscuit fingers, topped with caramel and covered in milk chocolate. Some people do most of their food shopping in M&S and so their versions of branded chocolates are useful, or if you are running in to grab a sandwich and want something sweet to go with it then these fit the bill, most of us do not go out to search for a specific chocolate bar, they are an impulse purchase and so M&S are right to stock them.

Psst for a moment, you'll find a great concept of  F&B corner by Marks&Spencer in their stores at my office. It coming soon ..2012. Be patient

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