Dec 27, 2011

dear my blog readers

Dear all my blog reader..
You can not say what you like about me or my site. 
You’re not obligated to enjoy, agree with, or applaud my writing  you’re entitled to your own opinions. 
You can not think that everything I have to say is crap, and go on to try and convince the rest of the world that everything I have to say is crap.

I can’t control what other people think about me, my site, or my writing. 
What I can control though, is what I think about these things myself. I enjoy writing. I also enjoy sharing things I’ve written.

In creating this blog, I’ve embraced what makes me happiest and feel confident that I could do this for as long as I want and never get tired of it. I’m very proud of myself for realizing my dream and making changes in my life so that I could pursue it. 

The truth is, my dream never involved an expectation to write things that everyone likes. And I recognize how I can’t accomplish that, because I understand that nobody can accomplish that. Nobody can make everyone happy. You should therefore accept that you can’t make everyone happy either and know that it’s alright, because nobody expects you to. When you put yourself out there for the world to see, there will undoubtedly be people who will disagree with you. You’ll upset people, make them angry, and once you do, they’ll do their best to boo you off stage. Don’t let them succeed in doing so. Let go of the idea that you can make everyone happy, and focus on making yourself happy. That is something you can control. It’s up to everybody else to decide whether or not they want to be happy along with you.

Accept That You Can’t Make Everyone Happy .


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