May 26, 2013


I just wanna share that nowadays, I fall in love with yoga.

Yoga is sometimes underestimated and many people shy away from it because they are misinformed. Some say that yoga isn't a workout and that all you do is stretch, but those who do practice will tell you otherwise. Some say that yoga only for women. Kind of lack mindset. Yoga isn't just stretching it’s about holding poses, breathing and pushing yourself past your comfort zone. Yoga is a great workout and the benefits that come with the practice are amazing.

I have been practicing yoga consistently for about 6 months and I’m feeling great. All of this could just be in my head but I find that I sleep better, am happier and less stressed. Physically I am more balanced and feel a lot stronger. Yoga has also improved my flexibility which will help reduce my chance of injury when running or going to the gym. Practicing has opened my eyes to my own personal health and lifestyle as well as specific fitness goals that I have recently set for myself.

I feel great to do Yoga. I felt every moment release our stressful and pushing our positive mind. 

My yoga's Guru said that :
You have to be happy, Even it just breathe. You should be happy
You must be thankful, for everything you have. Share the happiness to all people.

My favorite part of yoga is that it’s a deeply personal workout. It allows you to connect with yourself, focusing on your own breath and movement whilst ignoring the distractions and constant chatter going on inside your head.

YOGA is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. Namaste

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