Jun 1, 2008

Between Men and Women

temans, when God make it a couple, it's really good blessing ever for us..
hehe even tough ..there's always 'big-different-war' inside. Let's know it !!

Five Reasons Why Women Still Can't Do Without Men
It's a love-hate relationship, and women love their men still. Here are five reasons why she still can't get enough of him.
1. The Fuss Factor
She needs to fuss. She’s genetically programmed this way. She fusses over him about everything. From the way he wears his hair and tucks in his shirt to what he eats and what colour underwear suits him. Logically it’s almost the same as fussing a pet. But because she can multitask, she makes him feel wanted and expands her fussing energy all at the same time. That goes for the pet as well.
2. Task-Oriented-One-Track Mind
It doesn’t take rocket science to understand him. He’s straightforward and can take simple instructions. If she needs to reach the high shelf, he’s there. If she needs the sink fixed, he’s there. If she needs to rearrange the living room 20 times, he’s there. Because she is fickle and can never make up her mind, his simple-mindedness matches her perfectly.
3. He’s Tough on the Outside, Mushy on the Inside
He amuses her. His macho image is defenseless against that little droopy-eyed puppy. He goes soft all of a sudden, melts like butter and even tears. It’s also amusing to see how rugged hands can become so gentle when he’s fumbling with a newborn. For all the pain he caused, charge it to his credit card. But for that childlike innocence on his face ... priceless.
4. For Reaction
Another point of amusement, to test how he responds to her ridiculous questions. Do you think I’m fat? Do I look prettier than her? Who is more important, your mother or I? Tricky but interesting. Sneaky but pure entertainment. Forget cable, she has more fun watching him scrambling for the right answers.
5. Without Him ...
There may be world peace but there may be nothing to gripe about! He is the subject that transcends geographical borders. Highly controversial and intensely engaging, women all over the world talk about him. Like it or not, whether she brags or gripes, he is one hot tag.

Five Things About Men Women Can't Stand
What is it about men that irks women? So do they really think they are better drivers when they don't pay attention or listen enough? Check out the list of the top five things that men are that just drive women up the wall.
1. Men Won't Take Directions
Lost? Never in his life. It is difficult for him to take directions because in his mind he is never quite as lost as he really is. His ego won't let him. It's shameless if he asks for directions. He would rather get lost. He trusts his homing instinct, which he thinks is always in tiptop condition, to navigate home. Leave it to the pigeons I say and learn to read a road map for goodness sakes.
2. Men Don't Listen
What did you say? The perennial dysfunctional ears are normally trained to keep out any important things his woman has to say regarding dinner dates with the in-laws or pet grooming appointments. Visual creatures with an eye for certain details and a need for good unselective hearing aids.
3. Men Don't Pay Attention to Details
Can you blame him for not noticing? It's how you present the facts. You can't expect him to notice the dress you have just spent a bomb paying for. But he will sit up and take notice of the dress you used his credit card to buy which you spent a bomb paying for.
4. Men Hog the Remote
He is territorial alright. With the remote in hand, life is between him and the plasma TV. Coming close behind are his beer, his newspaper, his buddies, his pet frog and his underwear. His woman doesn't even come close. Once he lays his hands on the remote, he surfs the turf. You are only permitted to speak to him during commercial breaks and make it quick because it only lasts 30s a piece.
5. Men Think They're Better Drivers
Why? Because he thinks he's smarter, quicker and wiser. Behind the wheel, he assumes his mastery over the roads. Whisking in and out, overtaking and cursing at every female driver. But the bottom line is, he doesn't think at all. The offensive driver he is blames the female driver for causing accidents. But the no-brainer driver he is ends up being the one crashing his car in the accident. Who's smarter now?

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