Jul 1, 2008

another story...Romy&Julie

"Julie, why my heart feel so bad now ?
Don't you understand....who am I and what I want to be?
Julie, your jealousy drive me crazy..

Julie, why I am still don't understand you?
but i have disappeared to hide away in my own little space
just so you could have space to live out your life

Julie, thinking of us keeps me going
when i get to feeling so lonely and missing you
I feel empty inside, and so bright outside
Julie, I have no choice anymore
Because how much I Love you

Julie, before I leave it all behind
And play the role that's meant for us
There's no wrong it's all right
And all I ever wanted was to stay
and said I love you..even tough I am leaving you"

and someone crying, when the tears 'till down into the blue papers
she whispered " Romy.. I am so sorry..."
but it's too late ...

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