Mar 9, 2008


If women have the Wonderbra, underwear that nips and tucks, and jeans that lift and mold. 
Hehehe Now men have their own body-shaping underwear, it called the Flashback Butt Lifting Technology Boxer, from Andrew Christian. Rather than actually working those butt muscles, boys can just slip on their Flashbacks and enjoy a well-shaped rear end.

As a woman who has tried nearly every manner of body-shaping goods for weddings and special occasions, only to rip them off in frustration after sitting uncomfortably for hours, I have to say those underwear look far more comfortable than anything I've had to squeeze myself into. As far as I'm concerned, guys, you can take over the industry. I've sworn off any under-thing that promises to take off inches or sizes for good! Hehehe, I mean if your're kind of Un-PEDE men with butt called tepos, kempes, krempeng, u should wear it...

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