Jul 8, 2010

Levi’s - Ready to Work

When i was a kid, i just knew Levi's is the best jeans ever. Until today, Jeans is still my best option for all those "snub" things-jeans !! Yeah, everyone refer "jeans" with called it Levi's. It became adorable and mass-mindset of thinking.

You should know that I'm very happy to use it for outfit works, on my daily activity. Look so comfort, not dandy but still awesome :) haha

And now, talking about The new Levi’s ad campaign ‘Ready to Work’ reflects the brand’s 2010 effort to help the struggling town of Braddock, Pennsylvania reinvent itself and ‘Go Forth.’ The new ads are photographed by Melodie McDaniel with art direction by Julia Blackburn and Mike Giepert.
Here some preview of their new ads.
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