Jul 6, 2010


Some of my friend told me, they would never use a man-bag and I laughed. I asked him if he was afraid people might think he is feminine. But many men are afraid to use a carry all. I think it is so funny that many men think that if they carry a bag (purse) that people will think they are gay !

Now this is so ridiculous! I think it is cool to see a man with a carryall. It shows me that he is courageous and doesn't care about what other people think. Except if you carrying a women’s bag :) LOL

They are : Kanye West & Pharrell Williams for Hermes, (even) Sir Sean Connery for LV and Ryan Renolds for Guess, still goin’ trough and look so “OKAY”

C’mon dear… it’s 2010. And bag can not identified someone. Bag is only "a bag", part of fashion industry.

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