Jul 12, 2010

the Spring 2011 menswear

and your cargo pockets, paint splatters, and alterna-tux, too

Guys, the Spring 2011 menswear shows in Europe have come to a close, and after countless exits (and a few peeks backstage), someone's gotta make sense of the season. Some expert analysts to the task of extracting the top ten trends you're likely to see on the streets next spring, from key pieces like the cargo pant and the camp shirt to color stories like fluoro brights and pristine whites.

For being the authority in Men's fashion, I didn't think this was that great. Every last sneaker was essentially a replica to the timeless Vans Chukka. Which costs less. I sometimes think you guys genuinely believe that higher costs guarantee better fashion. Women can't see how much your outfit costs.

So ? better when we're smart right ?

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Anantama Putra's Blog said...

if I were a girl, I could see how much my boy's outfit cost. Lol