Nov 18, 2006

Bono 'bersuara' (LAGI)

Penampilan spesial Bono at Make Poverty History concert in Melbourne, Australia sepertinya kembali menggugah banyak orang, dan yang mengejutkan (ato mungkin ga terpikirkan sebelumnya), so surprise.....when Bono and Pearl Jam took the stage together to perform "Rockin' In the Free World." They joined Jet, the John Butler Trio, and other Australian artists to help kick off a series of peaceful protests held this week on the sidelines of the G20 summit. The G20, an annual world economics and trade conference that includes 20 industrialized and developing nations, has been criticized for neglecting poverty issues and excessive spending in conflict zones. "Politicians have to do what you tell them to do," Bono said onstage, according to Reuters. "We are gonna make poverty history!"

DaMN !! Bono is damn GOOD !!
Do you think this Bono/Pearl Jam collabo had an impact? Yes, i DO ( i think so )

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