Nov 25, 2006

Kembar bikin pusing

Guys, there's good info for u, when A County Durham college boasts sets of twins, triplets and quadruplets all with the same surname - Smith.
Consett Community Sports College has another six pupils with the surname Smith, plus two teachers and two classroom assistants.

The 13-year-old twins Rebecca and Victoria, are identical, as are 14-year-old triplets Laura, Toni and Sharon, reports the BBC.

To ensure the triplets get the right coursework and marks, teachers have taken to sitting them in different parts of the classroom.

The quadruplets are easier for staff to identify as they are boys Neil and Deklan and girls Courtney and Zoe, all aged 14.

Headteacher Christine Parker said: "To have twins, triplets and quads in the same school is very unusual but to have them all share the same surname is beyond belief.

"It does cause some confusion trying to tell them apart but we think it's a very special thing to have and they are all top-notch students.

"Apart from sharing the same surname, all of them are very friendly and really high performing students."

hehehe, too cute to know, when we are confused, to call them..hehehe. COba di Indonesia, pasti dah jadi bintang film & para peran pengganti....

Ps : twins = kembar dua, triplets = kembar tiga, quadruplets = kembar empat

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