Sep 8, 2006

Important Glossary !!

Guys, i've been checked a lot of information, that neccessary need for all of you, as modern teenager. Just open it, and u will shock about reality.
Some Glossary, u sould know :
  • brothel a house, flat or apartment, or other property where sexual services are sold.
  • commercial sexual exploitation of children child sexual abuse involving some sort of payment, for example money, or gifts, or favours. The payment is often not to the children themselves but to someone with power over them.
  • exploitation the act of mistreating someone by taking advantage of them, using them selfishly, or benefiting at their expense. Examples included making a child work to pay off their parent's debts or making them do dangerous or illegal work, including prostitution or involvement in pornography.
  • paedophile an adult who is sexually attracted to children and will commit abuse to fulfil his or her desires.
  • pimp someone who controls a prostitute or prostitutes and profits from prostituting them.
  • pornography sexual images or writing intended to sexually excite another person. Pornography can be in books, magazines, movies, or on the Internet. Child pornography involves sexual images of children or writing about children designed to sexually excite another person (ususally an adult).
  • prostitute a person who has sex, or takes part in sexual activities, with another person in return for money, favours or any other form of payment.
  • prostitution the selling of sexual services.
  • protective environment an environment in which children’s rights are respected so that they can grow up in safety and dignity, able to develop to their full capacity.
  • sexual abuse sexual mistreatment, including inappropriate touching and talk, in which a child is used for the sexual pleasure of an older or more knowledgeable child or adult. Sexual abuse is different from commercial sexual exploitation because no payment is involved.
  • smuggling the illegal and secret transport of something. Smuggling people to exploit them is called 'trafficking'.

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