Feb 5, 2007

Skin - Falling For You

Skin - Falling for you

Caught a look in your eyes
Id they linger too long
Were you just being kind
Or have a read it all wrong
When i brushed by your side

[Bridge 1]
Suddenly I realised
Theres something going on

Im falling for you
Im falling for you
Whatever it is
Whatever you do
Im falling for you

I must gain control
I must take care
Cant allow this to ever
Become an affair
But the tension is sweet

[Bridge 2]
Suddenly I need it
To keep this going on

All night I think of nothing else
(But if) I could sit out this storm
Id try, to forget how I felt
(But as) soon as I see your face
I know Ill fall

And every moment
I have to endure
I look for a reasion
To be where you are
Im out of my head

Suddenly I realise
You are where I belong

Gonna kill this thing
We cant carry on
Whatever it is
What ever you do Im falling for you

Single kojo yang kereeen banget, dari awal udah aku tebak kalo bakalan hits banget, ternyata betuuuuuul !!
Rasanya tiap saat, lirik ini menghantui dan mengguman dari bibirku. Asal gak bayangin si
Deborah Dyer, hehehe gak jadi romantis malah takut.

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